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The courses are free of charge. The learning site is developed and managed by an educational charity with the aim of providing free education to all health professionals wherever they have an Internet connection. The courses have been written and developed by global cancer educators for the purpose of delivering their knowledge free of charge to an audience who may not have instant and free access to this information.

The courses are: is an open learning site where you may dip in and out of the courses as you please. The courses are for personal self development. At the end of each course you have access to an online Record of Achievement which is valid proof of successful course completion. The Record of Achievement can be printed off and added to your learning portfolio.

All of our courses allow you:

You choose how you make best use of our resources.

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Note For Non-UK Students – the courses are not affiliated with professional/contact hours as the learning site is a UK based educational charity which does not charge for the courses.

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