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  1. Recording - Dressing Difficult Wounds

  2. Very gud,the pictures and net knickers and are a fab idea! Thx

    • May 23, 2009 @ 4.57am by Lisa Ryan (United Kingdom)
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    I have to agree about the use of net-knickers. I had never contemplated using this in wound care, and can't wait to share the idea with my colleagues. Thanks.

  3. Really enjoyed it. the pictures were brill and the net knickers well its just such a brill idea

  4. Thank you for posting this on line. This will help us in our procedural demonstration.

  5. The video link was good working in a cancer hospice some of the suggestions for difficult wound dressings we were already aware of and using in practice. However good ideas and presentation. I would have liked to know you feel about the honey based and silver dressings? We have tried these each of these dressings on different patients who have fungating breast wounds, both times we found the dressings made matters worse and had to discontinue use, due to deteration in wound and hightened pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks Gordon
    Sue (staff nurse)

  6. A very informative lecture that puys my sporadic knowledg into place - i am content to see I am doing the right thing in my practises as a District Nurswe.

  7. Thanks puting this lecture on site. It's really excellent one but if you put little descreption of wounds with management than new biginers can get more benifit from it.

    Thanks & regards

    • Jan 11, 2012 @ 5.05pm by Ray Irving (United Kingdom)
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    Hi Yasmin

    Many thanks for the feedback. You can access a free course on this website ('Wound Management in Cancer and Palliative Care'), written by Wayne Naylor, which will provide you with further details about the wounds. The course can be found here:


    Best wishes


    Edited: Jan 11, 2012 @ 5.06pm

  8. What an excellent recording & slide show. I'm a Cancer Care Nurse in Brisbane Australia and it has been difficult tom access information to pass on to my colleages regarding oncological wound care..... Any further would be gratefully appreciated.. If you have anything on caring for radiation sites that would be great..
    Thanks Again
    Cindy Penney
    Registered Nurse
    Oncology - RBWH

    • Apr 20, 2012 @ 10.39am by Kate Bellis (United Kingdom)
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    Thankyou very much Wayne. Very helpful to have a session on wound care specifically applied to very sick and palliative patients.