Advertising Statement

Advertising spaces on this site offer advertisers the opportunity to highlight their products and services to a global body of nurses. As of August 2014, the site had over 140,000 course enrolments. The registrations of this site include practising, academic and student nurses from more than 100 countries.

All funds raised through advertising will be used to support the work of Nurse Learning, the UK registered charity that develops and manages this site. Nurse Learning reserves the right to refuse advertising of certain products and services.

Nurse Learning shall not be held liable for damages relating to the use of any service or product advertised on this site.

Advertising Rates

Two advertising spaces are available:

Head ads - there are 10 text or graphic ad slots available and one ad is displayed RANDOMLY on the head of each page of the site. Over the term of the placement all ads should be displayed the same number of times. The cost per month for each of these ad spaces is £200.

Side / Foot ads - there are 5 text ad slots available and these are displayed on EVERY page on the site either on the right-hand side or towards the foot of the page. The cost per month for each of these ad spaces is £200.

If you are interested in advertising on this site or would like to ask a question about this service, please 'Contact us'.